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Development & CAD construction

Our CAD design service provides accurate 3D models for diverse industries. With experienced team and advanced software we develop customized solutions for your projects. From concept development to material selection and technical drawing, we accompany you professionally and efficiently.

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Calculation and risk assessment

Our calculation and risk assessment services provide sound insights for your decisions. We analyze data precisely with modern tools. We identify risks and provide tailored solutions. Rely on our expertise for successful management of future challenges.

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Manufacturing & Assembly

We offer a comprehensive range of mechanical manufacturing including surface finishing.
In our modern assembly with 10t crane system and a load test bench up to 120 tons, every product is manufactured, assembled and tested at the highest level.
From concept development to the finished product, we are at your side.

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Documentation and risk assessment

As a system supplier, we have continuously optimized and expanded the area of documentation and risk assessments. Today, we see ourselves as your reliable partner when it relates to the professional handling of all documentation tasks.

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